If you like real raw rock music played from the bottom of the heart you will

love the "Crashpilots". Crashpilots are Sigu, Mirei and Röschu three young musicians from Solothurn. They've been making music for years but never played together in one band until 2010 when they came together and created "Crashpilots". Unlikely to other bands they decided to try out new instruments and positions within the band which means that Sigu, a longtime drummer is now the lead singer and guitarist of the band, Mirei is on the drums and sings and drums again in two other bands. And Röschu who used to be a lead singer plays now the bass. Needless to say that the focus of the band is to try out new possibilities with keeping the most important part about making music: JOY! Get to know these three young musicians who will definitely rock and roll you hard and wild, regardless of circumstances with a big portion of fun which you will feel every second. So check out for their concerts and be part of many memorable rock'n'roll moments which will fill your heart with joy.

See you at the gig!